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I tailor my therapeutic practice based on each individual's needs. Clients come to me due to anxiety, depression, OCD, self-esteem, relationships, disordered eating, and more. 


My approach may include cognitive behaviour, psychodynamic, gestalt, mindfulness and humanistic methods.  I work with ages 15+, and have worked extensively with teenagers who suffer stress from schoolwork, relationships, and family dynamics. 

We can work together over a few sessions or over a longer period of time, based on your needs and budget. 


We will identify which issues are affecting your relationship and have a solution-oriented approach to rediscover your relationship's strengths. We will look at your relationship patterns and dynamics with the goal of improving empathy and problem-solving skills.


I received my Master's Practitioner in Eating Disorders from The National Centre for Eating Disorders which includes eating disorders, obesity and nutrition and have since worked with The University of Surrey on their Eating Disorder Team.  My treatment combines a focus on psychological, nutritional, holistic, and personal elements. As a result of therapy, you will become free of your obsession with food and start living the life you want.

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